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I love storms - lightning, thunder, rain, any of the above - love them!

I love storms - lightning, thunder, rain, any of the above - love them!

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an ask meme for writers!


1. What is your most popular fic?
2. What is your favorite thing you’ve written?
3. What fic was the hardest to write?
4. What’s the fic you really loved that doesn’t get as much attention as the others?
5. What fic was the easiest to write?
6. What fic/book (by…

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Unsupported arguments


My favorite forum of writing is social media because I do not have to worry about my lack of evidence while arguing a point.

Oooooh! I have seen some very heavily supported arguments via social media. I’d love to have a bowl of popcorn and watch this student post an unsupported argument around some of the people in my social media circles. :)




i don’t want to live in a world where i’m not allowed to enjoy both Shakespeare and Ke$ha.

Wake up in the mornin’ feel quite Hamlet-y

Grab my skull, I’m out the door, I’m gonna act real shitty

Before I leave, overthink if I’m on the right track

Cuz if I kill my uncle tonight, he ain’t comin back

I’m talkin trying to kill my foe foe
But instead kill everyone I know know
9 deaths in a row row

KADE!!! This is for you (and Rhi) - oh, Sarah, you too

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Evolution shmevolution




If the human race was to die out and Apes survived, the human race would be able to make a comeback…right? NO! If we truly evolved from Apes, then there should be a high probability that a monkey would give birth to a human. In addition, if evolution were real, why do we not see Apes turning into humans now in today’s time? 

Can’t tell if this is a willfully ignorant, closed minded, likely-Republican or Tea Party student, or just a victim of our horrendous educational system.

The blog’s called shitmystudentswrite. This post is an example of a student’s terrible argument. The blog is pretty sad-funny, you should check it out.

Clarification - I know what the blog is. I get that it’s a student’s terrible argument. I just don’t know if the student in question is willfully ignorant (which I often associate with the Uber-Christians, Republicans, Tea-Partiers, and many types of asshole), or if this student honestly didn’t get enough science in their educational background to understand the basics. Either is entirely possible.